Want to have the guarantee that your construction projects run smoothly and on schedule ?

Track tools and equipment, schedule maintenance and scan RFID tags, Barcodes and QR-codes in bulk.Fully integrated asset management system, enabling you to draft POs, manage inventory, and create service tickets all in one go. Full location histories and actionable service reports help you deter theft and loss.

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Cloud based construction
management software

From today manage all the problems that arise in every phase of
the construction project, always respect the deadlines, you ensure the satisfaction of customers and team members.


Transform a problem into a task to be solved

Create problem tasks in just a few clicks from wherever you are, either at the office or from the construction site. Add photos, text, videos, BIM Models, DWGs or PDF files and speed up your entire project management workflow.


Efficient, secure communication

Forget about having to find old e-mails, photos and documents that may have been sent through to different services. Communicate with others using an internal chat session connected to specific tasks in a single working environment!


Track issues through to closure

Assign tasks to the person in charge of solving certain issues, everyone involved will get an automatic notification including direct links to files or models while you can continue to keep track of the issue until it's finally closed!

One tool, different uses, same results!

What kind of issues do you usually handle ?
Discover the building construction management software in action, organize your work and complete it on time!

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Coordination and collaboration problems within design teams
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and maintenance issues
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BIM manager
and BIM coordinator

BIM design issues

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ZeSlap, has been providing Hotel management solutions for its clients for the past 5 years. Therefore we have crafted a well and explicit Hotel management system in Odoo and are fully aware of the various constraints in it for the custom development of the software's as per your requirement. We can bring in any form of modification as well as configuration to the Odoo platform for the ability to run your hotel business as per your operational requirements.

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