A complete
hotel management system

Hotel management system can bring exceptional changes to the functioning of your hotel business. With Odoo, you will have total control. The dedicated point of sale module in Odoo will help you manage the bar and restaurant operations as services served to customers. With all the other integrated modules for managing hotel aspects, Odoo can be the solution provider managing your hotel business.

Check icon Room booking Check icon Point Of Sale Check icon Housekeeping Management

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Hotel management

The module helps you to manage rooms,amenities,services,restaurants.
End Users can book rooms and reserve foods from hotel restaurant.

  • Check icon Room reservation
  • Check icon Amenity management
  • Check icon Floor management
  • Check icon Laundary management
  • Check icon Service management
  • Check icon Housekeeping management

A bar and restaurant point of sale
you can count on !

Odoo Point of Sale is intuitive, reliable online and offline and offers a wide range of options to meet all your business needs.
Set up in minutes, start selling in seconds, and keep your staff and customers happy!

  • Check icon Intuitive Point Of Sale
  • Check icon Touch point of sale(On touch screen)
  • Check icon Automated stock operations
  • Check icon Integrated invoicing
  • Check icon Reliable online and offline

Integrated Stock management

Manage the stock on food ingredients required for the preparation of dishes along with the toiletries for the rooms.
Additionally, manage the stock on cleaning items and hospitality tools

  • bulletpoint Define lots and serial numbers
  • bulletpoint Monitor products expiration with expiry date depiction
  • bulletpoint Quality monitoring
  • bulletpoint Obtain a product from multiple sources
  • bulletpoint Well defined storage locations

Complete accounting
on your sales and purchase

All the financial aspects of your hotel operations
can be managed from the dedicated accounting module available in the Odoo platform.

  • bulletpoint Direct invoicing
  • bulletpoint Manage vendor bills and payments
  • bulletpoint Multi-currency management
  • Analytical reports
  • bulletpoint Integrate various payment terminals
  • bulletpoint Define multiple payment terminologies

Purchase management

Customer satisfaction and pushing each of the s is vital for any hotel business
and Odoo has a definite CRM model defined for the same purpose.

  • bulletpoint Generate s from website and e-commerce visitors
  • bulletpoint s from emails
  • bulletpoint Enrichment
  • bulletpoint Complete generation
  • bulletpoint Custom activities on s
  • bulletpoint Pursue and follow up each
  • bulletpoint Effective management
  • bulletpoint Measure customer satisfaction
  • bulletpoint Well drafted reporting functions

  • Some hotels. we worked with

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    Planet Hotel Goma
    Ihusi Hotel
    Goma - DRC

    We did implementation of ERP odoo for hotel management (accounting, logistics, finance, etc.)

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    Planet Hotel Goma
    Planet Hotel
    Goma - DRC

    We did implementation of ERP odoo for hotel management (accounting, logistics, finance, etc.)

    Visit Web site
    Ihusi Gaz
    Linda Hotel
    Goma - DRC

    We did implementation of ERP odoo for hotel management (accounting, logistics, finance, etc.)

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    ZeSlap, has been providing Hotel management solutions for its clients for the past 5 years. Therefore we have crafted a well and explicit Hotel management system in Odoo and are fully aware of the various constraints in it for the custom development of the software's as per your requirement. We can bring in any form of modification as well as configuration to the Odoo platform for the ability to run your hotel business as per your operational requirements.

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